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  1. 144hz all the time cause smooth as butter and it's easier to move on a 144hz
  2. how about a vocaloid party on any server? everyone is forced to be a vocaloid and someone plays vocaloid music (me) ex of vocaloid
  3. StrawBerry approved the submission
  4. StrawBerry denied the submission
  5. StrawBerry approved the submission
  6. don't forgot to join our teamspeak if u need help!! voice.makogaming.com
  7. StrawBerry approved the submission
  8. StrawBerry approved the submission
  9. This is for Member Apps for when they don't have a steamid32 ex STEAM_0:1:65398394. If they don't have that please link this video. https://youtu.be/mZ1j81kGlF4 this is the website in the video http://steamrep.com/
  10. please go here http://steamrep.com/ to get your steam id 32 we don't need your steam name
  11. StrawBerry

    Kitsune Poll

    cause hes been surfing since the start what about the beginners wanting to learn to surf? and people who know how to surf but can't since its so buggy/random?

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