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  1. hey my guy. wheres your favorite surf spot?
  2. oof. if you look at the guy, why would you hire him in the first place?
  3. kr0nik


    wull howdy there my guy
  4. weve been waiiiiting for this much love toothless
  5. well look into it! i may end up removing it on the bigger popped server and leaving for the lower ones
  6. Council The final decision on things. Only run by major decisions. We focus on a lot of the server and website maintenance. Advisor Second in command if a council is not available go to them for the final word. Where as they dont special in any one area they have knowledge from everything. Basically councils 2nd opinion. Director In-charge of their specific section, Game Division, Community Engagement and Events or Recruitment. Each Director leads up their given division and make sure it's getting things done. Director Of Community Events (TBD) Creates ideas for Community Events thru all the various servers, work with DL and DS of each respected division to insure that events are getting done. Director of Gaming(Fruity) Ensures all gaming division are running smoothly. Spends time with each division to find out the true needs of the division from a change of maps to maybe a change of rules. Reports to Council directly. Director Of Recruitment (Valk) Heads up the recruitment process and leads those who are on the recruitment team. Double checks recruiters are doing the interviews and that all members are either given perms in the TeamSpeak3 or Discord server. Division Lead Each Division in gaming CSGO/GMOD will have a leader, This person is in charge of the Staff making sure moderator and admin/vip perms get added in a timely manner. CS:GO - Strawberry CS:GO - T R A V I S Division Staff Oversees Moderators and admins to make sure that no abuse or anything is going on in the servers. Also works with MGCE to set up events to get servers populated. Acceptable prizes are Admin for a month or ViP for a month any cash prizes must be given to MG members only. CS:GO - BIOLOGICAL STORM CS:G0 OLIVER CS:GO - A W P L E X MGCE STAFF Lilman1010 - Recruitment Reki - Recruitment Moderators Own the rules. We chose you to give free privilege to. Don't lead us wrong. Make sure the server is all happy. Don’t abuse because you have a personal vendetta or anything. If the majority of server wants it. Sucks. Just deal with it. CS:GO - AVOCADO CS:GO - LILMAN1010 CS:GO - DANNY CS:GO - LEGENDUS CS:GO - LYRIC CS:GO - RYLEYY CS:GO - SLURMZ CS:G0 - ZER0 CS:GO - MARCELL Admins You paid to help! Thank you ever so much!! But you are the one people will try to target the most to get you in trouble. F12 is your best friend. Any time you do a command on someone press F12 afterwards to get the require proof. It is your job to enforce the rules, But you are BY NO MEANS REQUIRE TO DO SO. Just don’t abuse by altering people's times and messing with things of that gravity.
  7. kr0nik approved the submission
  8. kr0nik approved the submission
  9. kr0nik


    Abuse of the !calladmin is just annoying. http://prntscr.com/m83gzw
  10. kr0nik

    Event Suggestions!

    no scope awps only. idk about the jumping part r0fl

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