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  1. Ret

    Admin Abuse

    It's been cleared up, thanks for reaching out.
  2. Ret

    Admin Abuse

    Admine Name: Marcell Reason: Admin Abuse (Mute) When it happened: 01/27/2019 (about) 3:30 PM EST Proof: I don't normally record when surfing so I don't have any video or pictures, but basically what happened. Someone else was playing music, I then looked at the rules and there was no rule against playing music. Said user that was playing music was playing rap with many racial slurs etc. I continued to mute him and forgot that he was still playing music so I tried to play my own. I put on low-fi Hip hop and then in my playlist I forgot I had a bass boosted version of XXXTentacion look at me (it was NOT earape) before the song got more than 5 seconds in i hit my hot key for it to stop playing because not everyone likes rap. But he had already muted me. This was an unjust mute and the admin should be checked for abuse. Unless something is done about the situation I am not coming back, considering this is how you treat loyal players and donators.

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