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  1. What is your username? e_lowe19 How old are you? 17 Why do you want to become apart of Mako Gaming? To support an amazing community and have fun on the servers How long have you been playing on our servers? 3 months Multi-Clanning is NOT allowed! Are you currently in another clan and if so, are you willing to leave to become a member at MG? Yes It is MANDATORY for all members to wear the [MG] tag. Do you agree to wear the tag? Yes *INFO* We do encourage forum activity to get to know more of the MG members! So be sure to make a couple posts and just get to know each other! *INFO* Ok

Mako Gaming

Mako Gaming is a multi-gaming community founded in November 6th, 2018. MG is a safe and fun place for casual and competitive play where you will make many new friends and improve your gaming skills. Join a Gaming Division to start your journey with us today!