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  1. Oli


    SteamID of the person banned: STEAM_1:1:467117246 Reason for Ban: Mute evading twice Length of Ban: A day Proof: Negative
  2. Oli

    Surf RTV Maps

    Right, on a personal level I'm a fan of a challenge and I would hope others are as well since that's the way you improve. Problem is though from a "business" perspective it's not a good idea to put in this kind of challenge, given the skill level of the majority of the csgo surfing community. If we were to throw in maps like this, the gap between the easiest and hardest maps would simply be too big. It would be very likely for the average player to be turned away by this kind of map.
  3. Oli

    Surf RTV Maps

    surf_rainbow is quite a peculiar tier 2 map in terms surf, due the close quarters, short ramps and constant turning, but it's also quite long coming in at around 1:10 with a decent run. Given those issues, I would deem the map very unlikely to retain a newbie/less-experienced player, especially one that doesn't know about saveloccing. Not to mention the aesthetics being pretty dull doesn't exactly help its case.
  4. What is your username?: Oliver How old are you?: 18 Which Division are you applying for?: CS:GO What is your SteamID?: STEAM_0:1:75270560 Why do you want to become apart of Mako Gaming?: I like the community, also I was threatened How long have you been playing on our servers?: Since the 21st of November Do you agree to wear the [MG] tag while in our servers?: Yeah sure
  5. Oli

    Kitsune Poll

    Without the fix version speedrunning the map is incredibly tedious. Every door has a chance of just randomly stopping you in your run and killing all your speed. Your main player base consists of a fluctuation of inexperienced surfers joining and leaving on a daily basis, so arguably the speedrunning aspect is not of a particularly high priority. However, usually in the midst of being converted from a "random" to a "regular", players will find themselves having more fun surfing the map, which more often than not seems to lead them down a path of improvement, trying to keep getting faster on the map and beating their PB. Having the speedrunning aspect of the map on lock will secure a more consistent/better conversion of players + will rule out the possibility of people leaving for another server, simply on the basis of their map being fixed. This means having the fixed version of the map is an obvious positive for the server, all else held constant. In the next few days I'll make a new fix version of the map, to make sure that it aesthetically holds up to the old version, giving no reasons to oppose to change.
  6. Oli

    Surf RTV Maps

    Also I should probably add that I don't think the points on the RTV server should at all be connected to the 24/7 servers
  7. Oli

    Surf RTV Maps

    An important thing to clarify here is what your goal is with the rtv server. If the goal is rather loose of just wanting a place where people can go to play just about any map while being connected to the MakoGaming community, then the solution is quite simple. Get every single map released or at least every single half decent one and put it on the server. The other, more realistic goal as far as I can tell, is that you want a place where people can go play diverse maps but still have a chance at beating them. Basically, it's more broadly aimed to attract players. If this is the goal, then you need to consider what difficulty and quality of maps you're going to allow on the servers. It doesn't take much research to realize that every community finds their main player base on the low tier servers (Usually tier 1-2, but some do tier 1-3 or only tier 1 maps). Even on the outliers like the tier 1-3 servers or tier 1-6 servers what usually tends to populate the server is a favouring for more easy/high-quality maps by the players themselves. Obviously, someone isn't going to stay on a server where they can't complete a map for multiple rotations/have to play maps that are poorly made and/or unfun. Before giving my own proposal I'll just quickly tier the maps that have already been posted utopia Tier 1 mesa Tier 1 kitsune Tier 1 kitsune 2 Tier 3 surf_beginner Tier 1 surf_rookie Tier 1 Air Control Tier 1 Life of Duck Tier 2 Surf Ace Tier 2 surf_lux Tier 1 surf_rebel Tier 1 surf_SunnyHappyLove Tier 2 surf_akai Tier 1 surf_aweles Tier 1 surf_grassland Tier 2 surf_pox Tier 1 surf_thegloaming Tier 2 surf_fruits Tier 2 surf_vegetables Tier 2 Now, my inferred guess from the way I perceive the management of MakoGaming is that you're probably looking for the type of server that would bring the most players. As I previously mentioned what seems to be the best way to achieve that is to run very easy, low tier maps of mostly/solely high quality. To give you an idea of the amount of maps we realistically have to work with, I'll list just about every single, not completely terrible, tier 1-2 surf maps. Tier 1 surf_aircontrol_ksf surf_akai_final surf_andromeda surf_aser surf_aweles surf_beginner surf_borderlands surf_calycate2 surf_calycate_ksf surf_chaos_fix surf_colum_2 surf_colum_up surf_crzyfrog_reloaded surf_derpis_ksf surf_elites_v2_fix surf_forbidden_ways_ksf surf_forgotten surf_frost surf_horizon_njv surf_how2surf surf_kitsune_fix surf_lament_n2p surf_leet_xl_beta7z_ surf_legends surf_lullaby_ksf surf_lux surf_mesa_fix surf_mesa_revo surf_minecraft_2016_final surf_minuet_njv surf_mom_fix surf_network2008_final surf_ninja_sh surf_ny_momentum_v3_1 surf_pox surf_prelude_ksf surf_rebel_resistance_njv surf_rebel_scaz_njv surf_reprise surf_reytx surf_rooftopsv2 surf_rookie surf_simpsons_go_rc2 surf_singletons surf_southpark_refix surf_summit surf_trance_ksf surf_utopia_njv surf_water-run_banjo_skill surf_year3000 Tier 2 surf_2pacisalive surf_4head_csgo surf_81st_network surf_ace surf_acp_fix surf_aeron surf_aether surf_amir surf_amplitude_encore surf_amplitude_light surf_annoyance_njv surf_aqua_fix surf_atlas surf_atrium surf_benevolent surf_beverages surf_boring surf_classics surf_classics2 surf_classics3 surf_colors_beta1 surf_concreteideas surf_coralis_ksf surf_dank surf_delight_go surf_delusional surf_domain surf_doodles_njv surf_dragon surf_driftless surf_duggywuggy surf_eclipse surf_eggplant surf_elements_beta3 surf_epicube_ksf surf_ethereal surf_exocube surf_exurbia_v2 surf_faint_fix surf_flow surf_flyin_fortress_sh surf_fortum surf_fruits surf_funhouse_v1 surf_furios surf_glass7 surf_glass9 surf_gleam surf_globalchaos surf_gold1 surf_golden_fix surf_graphia surf_grassland surf_guitar_hi surf_halloween_tf surf_happyhands surf_hurrr surf_imex surf_ing surf_inspire surf_island surf_ivory surf_jenocide surf_juturna surf_krow10 surf_lavaflow surf_lessons surf_lore_e surf_marbleblast_e surf_me surf_mellow surf_mesa_mine surf_mjk surf_nebula surf_neo_njv surf_neon_final surf_network_2009_sh surf_not_so_beginner surf_not_so_disaster surf_not_so_sinister surf_ny_platinum surf_oasis surf_oma surf_orthodox_fix surf_paddy surf_palm surf_pathfinder surf_physics surf_pinkbash surf_presmon_fix surf_rainbow surf_reflex surf_rez surf_rocco_v2 surf_sandtrap surf_sandtrap2 surf_saturday_fix surf_seaworld_fix surf_semesterbreak surf_spacejam surf_summer surf_sundown_njv surf_sunnyhappylove surf_sup surf_surprise surf_syria surf_tensile_njv surf_the_gloaming surf_tomb_redone surf_torrent_njv_fix surf_twilight surf_vegetables surf_waterworks surf_wood surf_zbig_rc2 surf_zealand surf_zor As you can probably tell there are a pretty wide amount and variety of tier two maps. This should go to show that even just including every half decent map in the tier 1-2 pool gets.. Messy, for lack of a better word. I think you could make a compelling argument that having your player base be somewhat familiar with the map pool is more advantageous to grow your community, as opposed to simply slapping every map of a given tier on a server, indifferent to the actual difficult/quality. Indeed even if you sort your map-pool by just two tiers, you'll potentially run into problems of difficulty/expectations of your player base. Given tiers are inherently subjective we do have quite a gap between the easiest tier 1 map and the hardest tier 2 map. Some tier 2 maps can be pretty annoying for even a slightly experienced player to get through, and even in the list I posted above there are a fair few maps that aren't of, what I would deem, to be a good enough quality that it could retain a newbie/lesser experienced player. I have two simple proposals, given all this, which more or less gravitate towards the same ideas. The first one, which I probably favour the most, is to name your server "Tier 1 beginner surf" or something along those lines and have all of the tier 1 maps + all of the easy tier 2 maps of "good" quality. This would help the map-pool be less overwhelming and in general of a higher quality/lower difficulty, meaning a better possibility of retaining a rookie, randomly joining the server. The justification for the addition of the high-quality tier 2 maps on an advertised "Tier 1" server would be, that 99.9% of maps are tiered for 66/64 tick, meaning even the subjective tiering is inherently inaccurate, due to the change of settings we play them on. Easy tier 2 maps on 102 tick are usually as hard as the hardest/worst tier 1 maps, if not even easier, meaning you might as well add them under the umbrella of a "Tier 1" server to create less confusion and to not create an expectation of the huge tier 2 list to be included on the server. The other proposal would simply be to name it tier 1-2 and include more of the tier 2 maps but still stop before the harder portion/lowest quality portion of the maps. Of course based on the same argumentation as prior but including the assumption that you want to have a bigger map-pool for reasons I can only assume at this time. Also if you decide to accept either of the proposals I'll edit the lists to only include easy and high-quality tier 2 maps or easy-medium difficulty + medium-high quality tier 2 maps respectively. Including all the tier 1 (probably) in both. Of course, there's a margin of error, given it's just my subjective perception of the maps, but the edited list, so far it comes to see the light, should mostly be looked at as a starting point either way, up for argumentation.

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