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  1. SteamID of the person banned: STEAM_1:0:463431566 Reason for Ban: Abusing !calladmin command. Warned multiple times. Length of Ban: 5 Hr Proof:
  2. This guy right here is simply amazing
  3. I’m good friends with Oliver and I started the whole movement of getting it switched. It all started with the legendary kitsune surfer Kirby(CoolMathGames), he requested that the map be switched to Oliver’s fixed because of all the bugs. He showed me quite a few, like the stopping at doors randomly and the buggy boost. I contacted Oliver and the map was on his workshop. He told me that we could use it. So then I contacted Kr0nik and he found out it’s already on the database. We just need 100 votes yes to get it switched. Also to hear that Oliver is going to go back and fix every single little thing and make it even better is awesome! Oliver is great, and I am so glad to see him working with us and enjoying our server.
  4. Follow ours doggies Instagram _apollo_the_doggo__
  5. A AWP server would be amazing. Not to long ago the most popular American AWP server was shut down. I had many many many hours on that server and I made lots of friends that I lost, some of the friends asking me “have you found a new AWP server yet?”. All I could tell them was European options. Some okay, but almost all of them with maps that suck and weird plugins. A new American AWP server has appeared recently. I have played this server and with their terrible server host and badly setup plugins/settings, it doesn’t have the same amazing feeling as the shutdown AWP server. I hope and pray we get a AWP server. #AwpLego2ganG
  6. BiologicalStorm approved the submission
  7. What's your favorite movie? Why? -------- Second favorite movie? Why? -------- Third favorite movie? Why? --------
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  9. BiologicalStorm approved the submission
  10. BiologicalStorm approved the submission
  11. What are your computer specs? Processor Motherboard Memory GPU Storage Power Supply Computer Case Monitor Mouse Keyboard ?
  12. What is your username?: BiologicalStorm How old are you?: 16 Which Division are you applying for?: CS:GO What is your SteamID/EpicID?: STEAM_0:0:164221021 Why do you want to become apart of Mako Gaming?: From hc How long have you been playing on our servers?: 1 day

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