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  1. great job on the recording
  2. Voice.makogaming.com is our teamspeak come join

  3. Player has received a extended ban, thank you for the report
  4. Hey Buddha, welcome to Mako! We're a chill community that can get a bit rowdy at times but usually we try to ensure that everyone is as nice as possible ? If you would like to be fully committed to Makogaming you can create a member application on our forums and be interviewed from there.
  5. t r a v i s

    Admin Abuse

    please come into our teamspeak and we'll talk about it: ts3.makogaming.com:9105
  6. if hope and chaos are combined, what is the outcome? (deep answers)

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    2. ✪ Saedo

      ✪ Saedo

      what the fuck is this shit travis



    3. Jim Curry

      Jim Curry

      Life. I thought this was pretty apparent??

    4. Avocado


      I agree with Jimmy.  Life is full of chaos and hope.  Think of war.  War is full of chaos on the battlefield, and full of hope in the soldiers eyes.  The outcome of hope and chaos usually leads to death.  Chaos comes from government officials wanting power, and hope comes from people who want life.  So my answer shortened down, is chaos and hope is what the world has been doing for centuries, war.

  7. is the sand called sand because it's between the sea and the land

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    2. CletusP


      The funny thing about Rekis comment is that while he believes he did his research, he didn't answer your question. Of course its called sand because its between sea and land. Sant is an old Dutch word that literally translates to "Saint". Reki is inevitably saying that sand and saint are the same word. And he is wrong. Sand and Saints are different.

    3. =[F]= ReKi

      =[F]= ReKi

      The word is SANT, not saint. If you have ever taken a lick of greek, latin, etc, you should know what derivatives from other languages are. Like ambulō which can be translated as walk. We get that as ambulance, which means walking hospital. I know exactly what I said with no typos. Do your research.

    4. =[F]= ReKi

      =[F]= ReKi

      The word got changed from sant to zand in the Dutch language (it still is zand today). We took that and made it "sand" in the english language. If you know anything about English, you should know that we create very few words. We mostly recycle and recreate words from other languages especially romance languages.

  8. SteamID of the person banned: STEAM_1:1:180241576  Reason for Ban: nade spam Length of Ban: 1000 minutes  Proof: 
  9. t r a v i s approved the submission
  10. t r a v i s

    Ouzi Ban

    SteamID of the person banned:STEAM_1:0:159377673 Reason for Ban: Racist Spam and avoiding bans Length of Ban: perm Proof: vvvvvvvv
  11. SteamID of the person banned: STEAM_1:1:160940708 Reason for Ban: chat spam links Length of Ban: perm Proof:
  12. t r a v i s

    Sa2urn ban

    SteamID of the person banned: STEAM_1:0:173353965 Reason for Ban: excessive nade spam Length of Ban: 100 minutes Proof:

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