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  1. twist its frosted flakes pls give me another chance and make my ban on csgo not perm because i dint know u would get banned for it i saw other people doing it so since someone asked what my discord was i told them and then the next day or so u banned me 

    1. qu4dsilex


      at least make it a certain time instead of perm because i didnt know

    2. qu4dsilex
  2. SteamID of the person banned: STEAM_0:0:461863587 Reason for Ban: Advertising discord Length of Ban: perm Proof: http://makogaming.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/39256
  3. SteamID of the person banned: STEAM_0:0:440968897 Reason for Ban: Advertising discord Length of Ban: perm Proof: http://makogaming.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/21637
  4. Twist

    DarkRP Rules

    MAKOGAMING DARKRP RULES General Rules Spawn You may not kill anyone in spawn under any circumstances (No RP in spawn, pickpocketing/hits/kos-ing/mugging/etc). If a RP scenario is initiated outside spawn it can continue in spawn. (Excludes Lockdowns, Presidential Laws and similar global events). Follow our general server rules and ALWAYS use common sense. Golden Rules: Always use common sense and don’t be a minge. Prop abusing and/or prop minging (prop surfing, prop killing, prop climbing, prop blocking, etc) is not allowed. Do not advertise other servers and/or communities. Racial Slurs are NOT allowed in Out of Character Chat & Adverts. Spamming in any form is not allowed. Staff members have final say on all rule interpretations whether explicitly stated or not; if you feel a staff member is abusing his/her powers, report it to a higher-up or you can report said staff member by creating an Administrative Report on the forums. Pornographic / Derogatory images may NOT be displayed on televisions, or picture frames. No Witchunting Example: Targeting someone to ruin their experience in any way. Selling your job is not allowed. Doing so will result in a harsh punishment. Bending of the rules and/or attempts to find and/or abuse loopholes within the rules will result in a harsh punishment. leaving/switching jobs to avoid being raided will result in a harsh punishment Roleplay Guidelines RDM - Random Death Match, when someone tries to kill you without a valid reason. An officer is walking around town and he sees a thief with a gun out, he approaches the thief and shoots him on sight without any attempt to arrest, this is a case of RDM. RDA - Random Arrest, when someone tries to arrest you without a valid reason. Before arresting someone, you must have a reasonable roleplay reason: EX. Breaking a law such as owning guns without a gun license, etc. This does not apply if they are shooting in defense (EX. A merchant is defending their base from a raid). NLR - New Life Rule, means once you die you may not return nor use any knowledge from that situation. An act of breaking NLR would be to get killed during a raid and returning to that same area. This also includes any form of revenge killing, warranting, arresting, wanting and or demoting (metagaming). The NLR rule applies for a total of 3 minutes. Terror advert is only valid for 10 seconds. Scamming is not allowed Scamming is defined by breaking a verbal or written agreement between players. An act of scamming is if you are a merchant and someone pays you for a said shipment, and you do not supply the said shipment, and then proceed to keep their money it would be considered a scam. /Advert Rules Advert is only used for RP reasons only. No racist or offensive adverts More than 2 adverts within 30 seconds is considered spam For warnings you MUST advert 3 warnings but must WAIT 15 seconds to advert the 3rd one. For regular adverts you must wait 30 seconds before the third advert. Roleplay Rules When roleplaying, you must follow these rules: Max mug is $10000 and you must wait 3 minutes between mugs. Government jobs may not be involved in criminal activities. Prison guards can unarrest people if they pay a minimum bail of [$1000] You must wait a minimum of 5 minutes between murders and 10 minutes between terrorism. Can’t randomly weapon check (player must have a reason as of saw a weapon out or involved in a crime). You may only arrest a stunned or cuffed target. Merchants may only self supply to defend their shop. You are not allowed to bait people to kill you. In order for someone to kill you, You must advert "Kill Me" As a prisoner you may kill government and other prisoners in order to escape. As a Dead Man Walking [T4] you may target ALL Government Executives (The President, Cheif of Swat and the Sheriff). You must wait at least 5 minutes between each assassination. The Lock-down button in the PD can only be pressed by Government Executives (President, Sheriff and SWAT Commander) during a PD Raid and must be turned off afterwards. When raiding, you must follow these rules: If it is apparent that no valuables are in a base, you cannot raid the base. If base Owner has a Building sign, you may not raid the base. Raids must be initiated outside of a bases schematic. When raiding a mega base: The maximum number of raiders is 8. You cannot steal items which are critical for someone to fulfill their job, they may be destroyed however. These items include cash registers, radios, etc. Once the raid is over you must leave the base, you cannot raid the same base until 10-minutes have passed.* When you die while defending your base you cannot comeback before 5 MINUTES PASS * Raids can only last up to 10 minutes, once a raid has reached this time limit, it is over and the raider(s) must leave. Group raids and Megabase raids can last up to 30 minutes and have a cooldown of 20 minutes., once a raid has reached the time limit, it is over and the raider(s) must leave. Hitmen are allowed to raid, however, only to kill their intended target. When Hitmen are raiding, they cannot steal, touch or destroy any property or allow others to. You can only use C4 as a Terrorist when you /advert Terror. Default Laws: (Note: Default laws are laws that apply at all times, the only exception to this rule is; the president may only override gun and drug laws, The president cannot override the other default laws. Example the president may NOT make being in PD legal. However may make shotguns legal.) Do not attack or assault anyone except in self-defence. Do not steal or break into people's homes (RAID/MUGGING/KIDNAPPING/TERRORISM). Money printers/bitminers and drugs are illegal. Drugs are illegal. (cigarette and alcohol are not illegal). Being in PD (Front Lobby does not apply) is AOS. KOS if successfully breaking out prisoners. Law Blacklisted laws (anything on or similar to this list are prohibited) A law regarding ‘Jaywalking’. Any KOS laws are not allowed. Any law relating to one group of people. Any law that supports a biased President (putting an individual or group above rules, putting AOS on an individual or group, etc). Any law that breaks a server rule. Any law that is aimed at disrespecting a group or an individual. Any law that hinders roleplay heavily (must always run, cannot jump, etc). Remember, staff have final say. If a staff member asks you to remove a law, remove it. If you feel the said staff member is wrong, you may file a report on the forums, or speak to a DarkRP Head Admin+ A law regarding disrespecting government. Clan/Gang rules: Clans are not allowed to have “Raid lists” or similar, of other players or clans, or focus other players in any way. Clans may not target the population in general and doing so will result in harsh punishments. Clans must not create a harmful environment for other players. If one member in your clan raids someone, the entire clan must wait the cooldown. Clans may not host events for other players. Clans may not advert to recruit people. Clans may not use hostile tactics to recruit new members Like targeting someone till they join the clan to avoid being targeted. Clans must have their initials in their name and may not change names to circumvent other rules. For example; No clans in staff. Clans must abide by every other server rule like every other players and are not above the rules. Any clans suspected of breaking any of these rules will be examined and fully reviewed by the Head Admin team. Props and Building Rules ALL FLASHING PROPS ARE PROHIBITED!!! General base rules: You may only base in 1 structure. You may only have 1 base. In order to defend/base in a base, your name must be on the front door. You may have a maximum of 4 fading doors per base. Fading doors must have enough space in between them to fit at least 2 people. Fading windows do not apply to the maximum count of fading doors. This does not apply to vaults. One-way-props are allowed. You may NOT no-collide one ways to give you advantage in shooting (ex:Walking through one ways to shoot and go back). Any use of one way props that loopholes the view only rule is NOT allowed. World glow is PROHIBITED. Forcing someone to jump or crouch in any way or is PROHIBITED. You may NOT stack props together to prevent/disallow blowtorching on your base. Every fading door must have a corresponding button/keypad visible from and next to the door it operates. Maximum of 2 buttons OR keypads per fading door. No fake keypads. You are NOT allowed to attempt to hide or conceal any keypads or buttons. Keypads must have a hold length of 5 seconds for fading doors. Keypads may not have initial delay. Keypads that are only reachable by crouching are not allowed. You may only build in your base. When purchasing the entirety of a hotel/apartment, you must own all the doors, and have entities in that building. Fading-door abuse is prohibited. Abusing the use of your fading door bind to open and close a fading door during a raid, or in an RP situation. You are not allowed to build during an active raid on your base, you must wait for the raid to be called over. All bases are allowed as long as they are supported by a pre-existing building or a large structural support prop. You are not allowed to block off the road when building in public. No invisible Props at all. Only Megabases can base in the flat room behind the big garage door. No one can build in the PD you must immediately sell your doors if instructed by staff and you currently don't have any props or raidables in the base in question. Megabase rules: Inherits all rules from General base rules with exceptions as listed below. Must have minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 active players to create the base. Maximum of 4 fading doors at entrance, and 1 per additional building/base inside the megabase. Maximum of 4 keypads at main entrance, then 1 keypad per additional building/base inside the megabase. You must own all doors within the sector to section off an area. Merchants cannot set up shop inside the confines of the megabase. Megabases may only claim one area (this area may be limited by an admin). You may not have two Megabases cooperating to claim a larger area. Blacklisted bases: Blackout bases Bases that are seamless, and no sense of direction. Hit-box abusing Bases designed to exploit the hitbox system to gain an advantage over players. Obstacle bases Bases that require you to jump/crouch. Mazes Drop / pit bases Bases designed to trap players upon attempting to raid. Killboxes Bases designed where you can shoot them, and they can’t shoot back. Textscreen rules: Players that are building may place a “building/under construction” sign, disallowing other players from their base, however, please note: To have this sign, you must not have any sort of items and/or entities within your base such as shipments, printers, cash registers, food, weapons, etc. Typical base rules firmly apply when the base has valuables. You must be actively building a base and once you are finished, you must remove the building sign Text screens must be a minimum size of 50. You are not allowed to blend your text screen into the background of the building. Do not change the opacity of the text screen either. No use of racist or discriminatory terms or slurs in text screen.
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  8. Not yet.... Congrats to @FruityZa on his Promotion to Division Staff!!
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  10. Twist

    RuffleZ Ban

    SteamID of the person banned: STEAM_1:1:46612281 Reason for Ban: nadespam Length of Ban: perm Proof: no pr00f
  11. What server do you guys want next? Comment more suggestions to be added to poll!
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    Great Admin

  13. Mod Apps are Currently OPEN as of 1/12/19

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